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[Mod] Improved Traditional Chinese translation


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Here's the link. I know most players here are English users, but still, I'd like to share it here in case of anyone interested in it.

This is a simple translation mod. It provides a new in-game language option called "繁體中文(改良版)/ Traditional Chinese (Improved Version)," which provides a better Traditional Chinese translation of the in-game texts. Currently the mod is not finished, and about 70% of it's translation is the same as the official version. I plan to continuously update the mod on a daily or weekly basis until every line of text is reviewed and further polished.


The reason of making this mod (which is the first mod in my life) is because I really like this game, and I found that so much subtlety, humor and personality are lost in the official translation. Not to mention the official translation is full of mistranslation, inaccuracy, weird punctuation and Simplified Chinese slang hindering Traditional Chinese users from enjoying the story.

I'm not sure how to update the mod once the new patch is released and the in-game text is added, though. I'll figure out after the new patch is implemented. :wilson_vforvictory:


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