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[Game Update] - 447892

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Hello all, just a quick patch on the Spaced Out Testing branch to make the Small Petroleum Engine actually fuel-able, along with a few other things.

  • Added liquid port for filling the Small Petroleum Engine's internal fuel tank
  • Small Solid Oxidizer Tank 3 to 5 wide module bridging art pass
  • Removed integrated conduit ports on Large Solid/Liquid/Gas Cargo modules
  • Minor art changes to Small Petroleum Engine
  • Added missing sound for Small Petroleum Engine

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the rocket windows can be built overtop of and we still get a couple tons of steel/diamond from deconstructing the rocket cockpits.  the walls can be melted too.  maybe just make it all out of neutronium or abyssalite material, can't build anything with that stuff

you guys are great!

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