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questions for Klei about Shank


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As a Shank fan, I would like to ask you some questions. It is quite possible that I will not get answers to them, but nevertheless, I will at least try

1: what was Corina originally like? I know you had concept art for it, and it was called Killer Bubbles, and it seems to have been originally conceived for Shank 1.
Has Shank's history been completely rewritten?

2: Question about the survival of Shank 2. I have noticed that sometimes the supplies stations explode more often than usual. I mean, when Bomber planted the bomb, sometimes a lot less time is given to disarm. How it works? I have a suspicion that this happens when I play several matches without leaving the lobby, but is it?

3: What made you take remove the "hostage" reception during grab? I was revisiting the Shank 2 demo and noticed that this trick was not there, but it looks pretty damn cool and I can't figure out why you decided to remove this trick?

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