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  1. The incentive for this game has two versions. I have a question about consoles, do you have one version of the game? or can it be changed? or as it is called "censored version"
  2. sorry i'm a shank player on pc. What do you mean deleted? Can't you buy it on consoles now?
  3. the developers cut a lot from the game. we just brought it back, hence reorganized it into a newer co-op. endless slaughter is ******* fun
  4. Since Klei doesn't do anything new for Shank 2, we've made a survival mod from time to time. and they are both ready! - this mod makes survival waves harder and also contains new skins! - this mod is for endless survival! you will no longer come across bombers who mine supplies, since your main and only task is to survive as long as possible! in these guides there is a link to google disk, where you can download the mod to any card! first! mod for Shank 2 from real fans! P.S:Klei, we are waiting for the news on the shank! these games really need new updates :)))))