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  1. red_fire257

    Shank 3?

    I believe that Shank 3 absolutely does not need a series. The story is over. The Klei have promoted Shank's story as much as they see fit. And I absolutely agree with them. It would be wiser to update the game or do a remaster Shank 2
  2. new survival maps would be a good idea! Survival mode is the best thing that could happen with Shank 2. I feel ADRENALINE when I play survival, crazy bosses, nasty bombers and rabid zombies is just a BOMB. Unfortunately, there are no new maps for survival, but I would love to see the concept of new maps from the fans! This is really interesting. There is also a survival mod for Shank 2! More information here:
  3. red_fire257

    Shank 3?

    oh, this art of Corina was drawn by my friend. As a huge fan of the Shank series, I am also pleased that some people still remember and play Shank! you can share your new creations from Shank, if any!
  4. red_fire257

    Shank 3?

    Shank 2 update please Or...remastered I still hope that someday klei will give Shank some new content, thus reviving Shank's community ... I'm a Shank 2 fan! Survival is the bomb!