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Rainbows approach to nuclear power

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Hey, most things in the posting are self explaining.

There are only two things that have to be added by klei if they decide for this: 

Nuclear fuel: rather easy could even look a bit like the metal tiles.

Control rods, should be possible too i think.

The steam turbine would be the turbine they had at first but smaller and sidewards.

The two sensors simulate the turbine goes on at 400°C temperature, the other at 5kg pressure.


Also the main differences between this and any concept i have seen are: 

1. For this you REALLY need a STRONG cooling, maybe more cooling than it generates so an aquatuner might not do it, you need space or an biome, atleast you have to select the location carefully, like a real power plant has to be build at an carefully selected location.

2. This will be far harder really to handle than most other stuff especially a single building that produces heat.

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17 hours ago, ghkbrew said:

I really like the idea of components of a nuclear reactor being added rather than a monolithic building. But I fear they've already decided on the latter, since there's an WIP reactor template in debug mode.

Yes i know and thats why i decided its a good time to make a new, more detailed thread about an alternative solution.

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