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Make Friendly Scarecrow actually scare off birds

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Since birds have been recently changed to be attracted to crop seeds in addition to regular seeds and you get quite a lot from giant vegetables, I thought it would be nice to have an actual way to protect areas from birds spawning so you can hammer all giant veggies at once without worrying about losing crops seeds to birds that land near them. Thankfully, there's already a structure that can be redesigned to do just that - Friendly Scarecrow! Instead of replacing crows with canaries like it does right now, it would prevent all birds from landing/moving within its range (basically acting like a large "birdblocker" as its called in the code). I'd probably also suggest increasing current range as well to make sure it can also be used around areas of interest to prevent them from being polluted with seeds/seeds-turned-rot from birds.

Implementing that will make original function (spawning canaries) impossible so I suggest passing it to guano turf from caves, which would also be logical for several reasons:

1. Type of bird is generally defined by the turf it lands on.

2. You mostly need canaries for Toadstool and its spawners are located on guano turf - players can draw the connection.

3. Birds spawn guano when fed with seeds.

4. Guano turf doesn't naturally spawn on the surface where birds spawn, so you won't be able to get canaries on surface by accident, you'll need to manually bring guano turf up from caves in order to get a canary.

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Being a farming nerd and avid lover of giant crops myself, I really like the this idea. However, I can't let go of canaries - Wolfgang needs those electric darts to save my Wickerbottom (which my so plays as)!

I think your solution for the alternative canary spawner seems unintuitive. People would definitely not be able to figure out by themselves that some land with bat poop would attract golden birds. What I'd suggest is to keep the friendly scarecrow as it is, but have another "angry scarecrow" that would actually prevent birds from spawning.

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