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Moar basic automated critter room

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Long time lurker, but I really wanted to share this...


So I know this topic has been addressed several times and it's an old news but I may have stumbled upon another basic automated critter kill room...

Original post was this:

door gets locked, critter drops to drowning chamber below. Meat is recovered by autosweeper


Compared to previous door water pushing... uh previous compact automated critter kill rooms, My initial thought was it doesn't look that interesting cause it needs autosweeper and sure can't kill flying critters....


Then I realized this works because locked door drops critter down. I thought they would get stucked+cramped but no

Locked Pneumatic doors DROPS CRITTER DOWN!!!!


so here comes 4x4 automated critter kill chamber


That's it.


It does have several drawbacks compared to door pump:

1. Need to wait for critter to step on door

2. Still doesn't work on flying critters

3. Must sweep meat fast for next hatch cause hatch keeps jumping - drowning - jumping back to eat that meat (on the other hand it does stop hatches eating meat from previous victim)

4. Shove voles work, but they need to step on the upper door lest they keep moving out before sensor shuts door down.


but it's only 4x4! I think this least makes it a decent compact alternative for Drecko killing.

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