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The other day I was sifting through seed gen, trying to stay quick. I accidentally pressed alt-s at the Dupe rolling page. It showed me a map, with no dupes. I could get the seed # from the esc menu. It's not the same world as what is just rolled. And it does not align to the seed if entered later.

I was just curious if anyone would check to see if the same thing happens if they try it?

It's like there is a map 'program' running in the background, is the title screen some form of the running environment?

I may post up some pics in a bit, but I only thought of it again cause I'm watching someone play on twitch, doomscrolling break.

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just a empty world for the most part, kind of like the story(and movie) about being just out of time, on the airplane that is in the electrical storm.


i read the book when it came out, i think. The Sun Dog scared the crap outta me, being compelled by desire to read something that is inherently creepier, and creepier. matching the story plot.

anyhoo, I tried it again a bit ago, while i had it running while I watched the news. I wanted the last two card drops, but i can't play really until the next update.... and i was on the other computer

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