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My dreams shattered

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BeeClops    1175

So i join this pub in winter, bout day 25, thinking i have enough time to get myself a cane before winter ends and possibly deal with clops if i get him.

I find some signs from portal which leave me to a pretty base, with everything i need, shadow manipulator included, so with this head start i'm thinking i might decorate the base further with some nice winter lights from Deerclops and maybe Klaus.

I proceed to search for walrus camps, it took me the whole winter and mapping the whole world to find it as there was the single forest camp on the edge of the map; meanwhile Deerclops spawned on some other 2 players who joined and i think they dealt with him(didn't talk, didn't die). I manage to get the first walrus kill on nearly half of day 33, no loot. I might have enough time for one more kill tho, i did not kill the dogs and i could get walrus to spawn right before day 35 ends. It worked, no loot again. 

The loot stash was near base and i found deer too, had a bunch of food so i'm thinking i'll do klaus, get some lights and decorations for the tree and maybe get a cane via gifts, it's a pretty decent chance if you have good decorations as far as i remembered. Had a really smooth klaus fight, time for gifts. Got 2 lights, nice, bundling wrap bp useless now but the lights and decoration is what i was after. As i was sorting my inventory and wrapping some things to pick up the stuff, i didn't notice a catcoon lurking around. The MFer took both lights and most of the decorations. I killed it hoping to get them back somehow but nah. I was stunned, i left the server.

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