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Map Suggestion

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To make this adventure game more like adventure or survival, I suggest some idea of map to made by the official. (Recently I have many ideas want to suggest, and I will keep suggesting until I have something that considered as useful. )

A. Map now is an item and is same as Map Scroll. To draw the map the player also needs a Feather Pencil (Infinite durability). Now there will be two item slots above of the map icon which only the Map Scroll and the Feather Pencil can be put. If the map scroll is absent then the player is inaccessible to the map. The Map Scroll will only be drawn if a Feather Pencil is equipped. All player starts with a Map Scroll and a Feather Pencil equipped. This function is for player to instantly share the map all together without making the map in Cartographer's Desk. Other than that, this also requires the player to make a Map Scroll specified for the Cave before entering the Cave.

B. Map Scroll Crafting Recipe is same as the old recipe, but the Feather Pencil would not be consumed. New Map Scroll is empty and players can copy the old one to the new one by this: First, clicking the Cartographer's Desk to open the HUD, then put two Map Scrolls inside. Clicking the "Copy Button" and the player will start copying the content into the new one. The rate is proportional to the fraction of the map complete rate of two Map Scrolls (A totally completed map will need 15 seconds). When finish the new one will have the same content of the most completed Map Scroll. All Map Scrolls can also be used this way to add new map data. Player must have a Feather Pencil equipped.

C. Pins: Players can make Pin to make markers in the map. Its recipe is 1x log, 1x Stinger and produce 3x. If players have Pins in their Inventory, they can right click in their maps and there will have a Pin. This will consume a Pin. Players can also click left click to to insert text or right click to remove that Pin. This will give back a Pin. Pin stacks up to 20 and players can make a Pin box to store these Pins. (Recipe: 4x logs) Pins will automatically consume from or returning to the Pin Box. All Pins will keep staying in that Map Scroll.

D. Distance Measuring: After players make Pins in the Map Scroll, they can use Rope to measure Distance or how much minimum time they are required to walk from two points. There will be a Rope icon if there is at least one Rope in player's inventory. Clicking that icon and all Pins will flash. Players can click two Pins to tie a Rope. Then the player can read 3 data: Wall Distance, Tile Distance and Minimum time to walk from two points (Normal Speed Modifier). Players can also read the components of the displacement. The Rope will be automatically detached when Player exit the Map. This function may be not that useful but still can be implemented.

E. Players will lost the current Map Scroll and replaced by a new one if they die in Wilderness Mode. The old one wouldn't be dropped. 

F. When players are reading the map, the characters will show an animation of reading the map so that other players can notice.


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