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Odd geyser math issue

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Hello friends,

i've found a incomprehensible issue with my sulfur-geyser. First things first, here are the numbers:

  • Output: 8,3 kg/s (it's a beast!)
  • Eruption Period: 167s every 496s
  • Active Period: 59,2 cycles every 100,8 cycles

My tamer cools down the liquid sulfur to solidification at a rate of 3 kg/s (no interruption/jam/powershortage etc.). Accordingly to the math, it should be able to process the 167s eruption output in 462s. Therefore the whole thing should have a little break of 34s till the next eruption. But after roughly 15 cycles the tiny (and actually unnecessary) liquid sulfur chamber is full an the geyser overpressured. Can someone explain why? Is this a bug or some weird ingame tick calculation? Or is there a mistake? Halp!

PS: The same design on the same geyser works in sandbox mode perfect. The tamer have to wait 34s till the next eruption. No tailback, no overpressure.

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The sandbox savefile wont help. In sandbox all works fine, as expectet. It's a mathematical issue:

Geyser eruption output in 496s is 1386,1 kg (167 x 8,3). In 496s you can move 1488 kg through three 1000g pipes.

Accordingly to the math, it shouldnt be possible to run full the geyser chamber. I'm now over cycle 1200 in the spaced out dlc. The game is stuttering really hard around an there is a annoying input lag. Can that be the reason?


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As a human you may have overlooked something. Maybe your pumps lost power. We can't know.

If you want to be sure about the numbers, yes 1488 is bigger than 1386 and those numbers are correct.

If lag was causing problems, such as when you are building or deleting pipes, you would probably see gaps in the continuous flow of your pipes. Look for those I guess. Try playing only at 1x speed and compare.

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