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Glowcaps and mushlight infinite light idea.

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The short version of the suggestion; let us craft festive lights. 

Let me explain my idea. As it stands, glowcaps and mushlights require spores to keep them lit, failing that, a lightbulb or glowberry. There are some lucky enough to play during winter's feast and acquire festive lights from boss killing during the event.

Without festive lights, keeping glowcaps or mushlights require tedious amounts of upkeep even for modest 24/7 lighting in high traffic areas. Barely enough to be worth it if worth it at all.

A common consensus of veterans is that glowcaps/ml should emit infinite light. The logic being when a player defeats toadstool, darkness won't kill them as often.
I have only been playing dst for a couple of years, but I have enough hours logged into the game to agree with them. I am also ex hamlet and am very familiar with the concept of infinite light and have enjoyed the game even with the danger of darkness not applicable to select areas.

I've seen a few ideas that are well and good when it comes to suggestions with infinite lights including glowcaps/ml pausing spoilage of spores or just straight out reversing spoilage like a fishin bin. If klei decides to go down this route, it's well and good, but I think 2 birds can be killed with 1 stone if festive lights could be crafted.

The recipe I would propose would be 1 empty bottle, 1 spore of whichever color you would like the light to be and either salt or ice. I don't really mind. It can just be the empty bottle and spore for all I care.

But the reason is this, as much content as there is on the sea, there isn't as much reward for sailing as there is going walk abouts on the mainland.

It's an unpopular opinion I have, but when I am on the sea, I truly do enjoy being on it, but as it stands, I can't help but feel that as much as I do have fun, there are more productive tasks I could be doing.

That's where the empty bottles play their part. Bottles as a part of a very useful craft would add huge incentive to sailing. 

I think it is still a very underexplored part of the game and a large reason why a lot of players won't stay on the ocean is a general lack of reward. 

I'll just end my suggestion there. I think when it comes to infinite light, a good way to regulate the spread of illumination would be to hide them behind an ocean craft. 

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