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Rust melter / copper, iron volcano tamer principle

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I don't know if this principle was here before, but I tamed all my copper / iron volcanos with it and even built a rust melter. The advantages of this setup are additional amounts of copper / iron and the wide variety of materials that can be used. They are not perfect, but they work and maybe someone can make them perfect.

This is one of my iron volcano tamers (the oil well is not part of it):


The molten iron from the volcano flows onto the weight plates in the green rectangle. They are set to "Below 20kg". If they are below 20 kg, they open the conveyor chute above and 20kg of some material falls on it to cool down the molten iron. Once it has become solid, immediately the auto-sweeper will pick it up and transport it to the chamber below. This works, because molten liquid does not count to the weight the weight plates measure. This means that if there is only liquid on it, it will open the conveyor chute and throw something into the liquid and cool it down until it becomes solid.

You can use a wide range of materials for that, anything with a melting point equal to or below the melting point of iron. You can use rust or iron ore for it and get some additional iron, which is nice. If you don't have anymore rust or don't want to spend iron ore, you can also use e.g. sedimentary rock and get iron and igneous rock.

The second and third chambers (red and orange) are straight forward: cooling down the iron to about 220 °C in the red rectangle, cooling it further down to about 40 °C in the orange rectangle. The aqua tuner can cool both, the steam engine and the polluted water in the orange rectangle.

This principle works also for pure rust melters with the help of volcanos or copper volcanos.

Here is my rust melter (could be much smaller):


And this is a copper volcano tamer which is broken right now because the chamber with the volcano became too full, but usually it works just like the iron volcano tamer:


I use there sedimentary rock to cool the molten copper down. Of course you can use copper ore for it, but currently I don't have enough of it anymore.

Have fun ;)


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