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rocket interior blueprint flexibility

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One of the strengths of ONI is that there's many different ways to construct a functional space. This is not limited to how a space is used but how the framework for the space itself is constructed.

In the early days i went through various iterations of SPOM room creation that could occupy anywhere between a 6x6 space to a 40x8 space. Some of my ideas weren't great, but the flexibility around that framework led to some great discoveries, which is part of ONI's magic. Similar things can be said about current experimentation around plug slug rooms, like kittenisageek's excellent research and experimentation.

So what if the same concept were to apply to rocket interior blueprints?

Right now, there's two kinds of interiors - the solo spacefarer nosecone and the, um, "other one" that's a square. These two interiors are fixed.

What if instead of just researching various types of rocket interiors with fixed blueprints, rocket interiors themselves could be built out with the same degree of flexibility as everything else? If i wanted to create a 40x10 rocket interior, I could do that, but I probably couldn't get anywhere because having that much stuff would create too much 'burden' for travel.

Calculations around the degree of burden could come down to weight of materials involved not just in building the exterior but also anything in the interior - buildings, dupes, any material that exists in storage containers. The 'burden' of travel can be calculated as more stuff gets added or revised around the exterior/interior structure of the build in a manner similar to the base game's "weight penalty" when calculating distance versus fuel versus mass.

To limit ridiculousness of scalar proportions, interiors could be built up but not side to side.

I know that this likely drastically changes the way that the new rocket mechanics have been built, so this could be waaaaay out of scope. Maybe as an alternative, something could be modified to allow the bigger interior module be "linkable" by constructing more than one on top of each other to create a bigger interior that creates more building flexibility (but then less likelihood of actually being able to travel anywhere due to the added burden until better fuel options are created/discovered).

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