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Automation - Block Modified Scheduler

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We have this cycle timer for automation. It's kind of a trick getting things set to work in such that they correlate with the block schedule the duplicants use during their work shifts ( - the existing block scheduling mechanic is great ).

It would be nice to have an automation timer or block scheduler that shared the block format behavior with the duplicant's shift scheduler.

This would have the same type of paintable interface used for dupe scheduling incorporating the red / green color motif, paintable to control signal output on a per schedule block basis rather than by percentages of cycle.

This would allow multiple on and off time blocks for a single timer (port) as well.

( though, not multiple schedules or output terminals per timer. ) Multiple schedules per single timer building sounds like a ribbon cable attached automation building. So, this is an additional building suggestion for the 4 bit wire.


I just need this night light on when my night owl scared of the dark dupe is actually sleeping

 so, a correlation with the dupe schedule blocks and automation timers would be great.


I managed a work around in the meantime with the existing timer.

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Probably the easiest and most optimal way is to just put all nyctophobic dupes in one area and plug a lamp on a motion sensor (it still detects dupes just existing in that spot), simply because they won't always come at exactly bedtime and leave at exactly worktime (you can watch francis video on that)

Alternatively, weight plates, but it's the same exact solution really (both just directly plug on the lamp with nothing fancy)

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These are good solutions, and I can manage with the existing timer in this particular instance.

Such a block scheduler would kind of unify timely automation processes with schedules. This type of scheduling gives a bit more agency to automation timers in general as the resultant machine behaviour could be treated more like a duplicant's work schedule.

I can imagine a better interplay here, that is to say.

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