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New construction material option: "Any"

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a small but nice litte addition would be have the range of available construction materials selection extended by a new option: "any" or "whatever". It would basically mean, take whatever material is closest nearby. Maybe there could be another option like "any plentiful" or "most plentiful" to not use rare materials or just use what the colony has in most abundance. Would be especially useful when exploring new areas with ladders and such.

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Just now, Sasza22 said:

This would be so helpful and fix the annoying issue when 2 asteroids have different basic resources and you need switch the material each time.

Exactly what i ran into. Was building a ladder and it took ages before any bit of it was finished while everything else around it was done as quickly as usual. Only then i realized it was due to the wrong material. And yeah, when building a ladder in a friendly environment out of abundant rock the last thing i thought about was which building material to use. So would be nice if the game had an option to handled that part whenever its not really relevant.

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