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Zombie puft.

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It all happened so fast.

I was "managing" puft ranches and this happens. My main ranch was without a prince so, yes I do micro manage the pufts every now and then.

A prince had been "selected" from the pool but was already long in the tooth for a formal ranch. So while being trussed a coup-order was issued.

The story does not end there: he was gunned down at the same time he was kidnap-sacked.

Finally, let's call him Gilbert.

Prince Gilbert does come out of the sack into the promised ranch. Surprisingly enough he gave out a +Forgiveness reserved only to pip royalty.

He remained as a zombie in the pen until reload, alas.


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I had the same issue once. Pretty funny:)
BTW I am not sure why I see You all always referring +Forgiveness as something special. I am 99.9% sure it happens always some time after attack is stopped. Even if it means the creature is dead. I mean I had a lag between killing creature and a deaths animation itself very often and I saw +Forgiveness many times then.

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