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Questions about skins

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I'm probably going to get DST and i have some questions about skins. What type of stuff can you weave and can you get spools without unraveling items. Can you weave DLC items like the Magmatic skins. I heard there were like item drop chests with cosmetics, how do they work. Sorry for dumb questions but I'm kinda confused

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1 hour ago, Wigini said:

What type of stuff can you weave...Can you weave DLC items like the Magmatic skins.

You can weave all kinds of items: wardrobe items (clothing and character skins), belongings (item and structure skins), beards (skins for Wilson and Webber), emotes (actions useable when playing), emoticons (images for use in the chat), portrait frames (for your in-game profile), profile icon (icon that shows when using chat or on profile), and vignettes (loading screens).

All weaveable items are untradeable and include all the items you see in the skins shop and a few more such as the warhound helm (to answer your question, yes you can weave the magmatic skins).

You can also see which ones can be weaveable by toggling the "weaveable" filter at the top of your inventory menus (the spool icon) or by looking to see if the icon has a "lock" on it, which indicates that it is weavable, and most likely purchasable.

2 hours ago, Wigini said:

can you get spools without unraveling items.

You can get spools from Klei rewards links, but other than unraveling, I don't know or remember of any other method of obtaining spools (big pile of spools is not available on Klei rewards).

Klei rewards links typically are given out in update notes or special occasions and grant whoever who claims them either spools or Klei points which can be spent on your account page to redeem past twitch skins or any other future items that will make it's way onto there.

If you want a list of reward links, you can check out this post dedicated to holding them, but be aware that some of them may be expired.

2 hours ago, Wigini said:

heard there were like item drop chests with cosmetics, how do they work.

Chest drops I think are only available during events such as the current Winter's Feast event where you can get a Winter's feast chest from daily log ins or simply playing the game. You may have heard of Forge and Gorge events, but their drops are no longer available since the event has ended a long while back, and until another one of those events return, then the drops will be available again.

If you receive a Winter's feast chest (or any other chest) you can find it in your item collection under the "treasury" tab, and you can choose to view or open any chest(s) you may have.

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