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Lavatory constantly breaking

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I've finally got lavatories setup. I put it off for ages as there was so much polluted dirt available.

But, now that I've got polluted water --> water (still germy), I figured sinks were slightly better than no sinks and may as well throw in lavatories.

Now that I've got a proper washroom built and plumbed things are working, for one use. Then the stupid lav breaks. This is chewing through cobalt. I could try rebuilding out of a different material, but that shouldn't be necessary.


Anyone else seeing this? Very frustrated.

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Have you done this modular setup with your pipes?


(_) Negative space  (|) Bridge  (>) Input pipe (<) output pipe (0) Building input (V) Buildng Output(This is for a 2x4 section, meant top for pwater out and bottom for clean (Still germy) water in.

|< < |< <

|  _  |  _

|< V |< V

0 > 0 >

On second thought a picture would've worked better. Where are you getting your mixed water from?

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