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So now what?

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Just adding my voice here.  I super like what they have so far in the core concept of 'many small cooperative bases'. Design iterations must obviously be spent to keep ratcheting the tension of having such a core designs - make the colonies less sustainable without getting space trade up and running, Keep tweaking how the player gets to the space race so you're encouraging a super jury rigged expedition super early, and then, like the rest of the game, unlock structures and supply chains that make the situation more reliable and more efficient.

I think the key to making the cooperative part enticing and difficult is being unable to reach full/efficient sustainability without discovery and trade off planet. For instance, maybe you want to not put water geysers on the home planet, or maybe the same but with oil.

Additionally, I REALLY like the statement that Klei wants to lean into getting to space early, and should lean in further if they want to make the 'success' path particularly fraught. For instance maybe the first time you send a dup off to get your 3rd planet it's basically a chair on a rocket with a fishbowl air helmet - you're sending them close and one way.  But then you still need to get both colonies up and running, and get down the tech-tree, because renewable water will need to be shipped around, and renewable oil will too... ect, ect

Just as a data point, I'm out there exploring asteroids anyway cause I want to get more of the complex resource, and I want to see what's out there in the rest of the Alpha :D  Besides which I just happened to have lucked into no fiber source on my homeworlds on the first run.

Good job Klei! Excited to see where the dlc goes!

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