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So with my idea on soup and other canned food gaining some traction I thought it would be good to share the recipes I have in mind that uses the canned food.

If you haven't seen the post you can check it here.

Anyway here are the new food ideas.

The recipes

Sleet cakes and syrup, requires 1 can of bog syrup and 4 sleet wheat grain. 

Frosty berry cake, requires 1 can of Bristle berry sauce and 4 sleet wheat grain.

Chunky egg bake, requires 1 can of Dumpling soup and 500g of raw egg.

Noodle mushroom bowl, requires 1 can of Sleety noodle soup and 1200 kcal of a dusk cap.

Pepper weed casserole, requires one can of Water weed in a can and 2000g of Pincha Peppernut.

Pacu gumbo, requires 1 can of Cream of dusk soup and 1000g of a pacu fillet.

Pepper club sub, requires 1 Can of space ham, 400 Kacl of lettuce, and 1 Pepper bread.

Pacu fish sandwich, requires 1 Canned Pacu and 1 frost bun

Mystery Meat Loaf, requires 1 can of Mystery Meat and 2000g of Pincha Peppernut.

Final notes

Ultimately this will be the developers choice whether or not to use the ideas, though I do have my fingers crossed that maybe this would inspire new recipes.

Also I may add other ideas to this list if I think of anything.

Anyway if you got to the end of this thank you for reading. 


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