Confusing combat attack redirection

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In negotiations, if you redirect attacks the attack itself doesn't change, only the target does. In combat, however, that is not the case. Here's an example from a daily run.



The enemy's targeting an ally for 12 damage + a debuff. Using the cards from the Bodyguard toolbox one could redirect enemies' attacks. Naturally, you'd think doing so would simply make the enemy change targets and attack you for 12 damage + a debuff. Nope.



For some reason changing the attack target sometimes causes the attack itself to change, as you can see on the screenshot above. Not only that, but redirects could even cause an attack to become a different move, like a self-buff or defense. It works the same with allies being made to change targets via, for example, Targeting Core.

These oddities could often result in undesirable outcomes, such as enemy's weak attack suddenly turning into a powerful one, or an ally deciding to self-buff instead of finishing off the enemy you targeted. In that light, I think combat redirects should work the same way redirection works in negotiations, changing the target without changing the action itself, unless required by specific conditions (i.e. Bossbit being invulnerable, Oolo's oshnu being hidden, etc.).

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