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Giant Crop generator for Winona

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RWP 228 Winona's Generator 2If you look at the early concept art for Winona, you can see that the devs planned a bio energy generator through the use of a giant potato but this was scrapped. Now, through the You Reap What You Sow beta, they added the giant crops to the game. So I think it'd be perfect time to give Winona some love and give her an alternative generator that'd use a giant crop that can be have crops inserted to it just like produce scale and use up that energy until the crop rots. Maybe if that's too long the machine may drain the spoilage faster or make the generator power up only one machine. Nevertheless I think it'd be a good idea to give her a bio-energy generator through giant crops, which would give giant crops more use and give Winona players a further incentive to go for them. This would especially make her spotlights more relevant as right now the problem is that spotlights drain too much energy too quickly.

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