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Cartographer Desk : Upgrade Map markers

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I think the item is barely ever used. What if it allowed us to mark in map:

* wormhole pairs

* Beefalo herd location

* Fishing spots

* Mushroom locations etc.

We also have squid we can use its ink and quill o mark these things.

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37 minutes ago, Owlrus said:

Or at least be able to place markers or draw on the screen wherever we want, visible only in our personal maps (not a physical beacon, just a pin); it would certainly come in handy to multitask and remember whee you left off.

Yeah but that will still make it difficult to distinguish between various things unless we are given option to draw / write. I think its better if we can unlock custom marker pins like for example:

Wormhole pairs papyrus + feather pencil

Fishing Marker : papyrus + feather pencil + fish

Mushroom Marker papyrus + feather pencil + Mushroom

something along those lines.

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