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Reap What You Sow suggested changes

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I've been loving the new dst update so far, altough i think there are a couple of features that could require some attention still:

Ground Nutrient & Moisture

Those 2 features seem to be kinda lacking, giving your farm tiles nutrients is kinda useless since most lategame farms are basically self sufficent in nutrients (which is not a bad thing actually, it means that expert players that know what they are doing can create the best possible farms) but giving nutrients to even random seed farms is kinda pointless, it does not affect growth time that much and it's very hard to keep track of without a ruins hat. Basically there is no real purpose in making fertilizers and using them in any capacity, if you put 9 of the same plant in a plot and give them the nutrients it comes out as incredibly wasteful since most plants you would want to mass produce actually consume a thon of nutrients (ex. dragonfruit uses the equivalent of 2 manure every growth stage, meaning 8 manure for every dragon fruit, for 9 dragon fruits it totals to 72 manure just to grow 9 dragonfruits). Same thing goes for watering your crops, since they just need to be on moisturized ground for 10% of every growth cycle it only takes 1 use of the watering can to satisfy all plants, even if they have high drink rates. Fully watering every farm plot does not yeald better resoults either, it's only a waste of time unless you are farming giant vegetables. It's also worth mentioning that the ground loses moisture every day depending on the ambient heat. 

Baically giving nutrients and water to crops is kinda pointless, the reward is a slightly quicker growth time and a couple extra seeds. taking care of you plants needs this way should feel more rewarding. Right now the 2 best uses for farms are 1) plant random seeds and only dig away the weeds to get nice ammounts of food and 2) growing massive quantities of giant vegetables. Having also a middle ground in between total neglect and full attention would be great.



Personally i think the Tillweeds whould be as common as Forget-Me-Lots, it would be nice having a little bit more variety in weeds in your garden. Also, i think the Tillweed Slave is still a novelty item not really worth making in the grand skeme of things. It's kinda hard to have 4 tillweeds stocked up (since they also spoil), and having the crafting be made with petals is also kind of a turn-off, since petals aren't really the easiest thing to have an hold of in the later stages of the game, where stockpiling slaves may be usefull of carachters such as wormwood. Honestly, i think that this requires just a small change to be made viable, and it would be an indirect buff to Wormwood that now kinda needs it.


Tilling the ground

There are some problems when trying to till the ground of large fields, for some reason in a 4x4 square it's very very hard to have a 3x3 in every square, don't really know why but a tiny bit more wiggle room may be nice.



Wormwood has never been a bad carachter, he ofter provvided huge ammounts of food for his team for basically free, the reason why most player tend to gravitate away from him is because he's kinda boring to play, you basically can't take any risks because healing up takes gargantuan ammounts of time and resources, you are always better off stayng at base and planting seeds. His design is not flawed from a gameplay prospective but it's still preatty boring from a design prospective. I think the best buff you could give him is to his green thumb tab, giving him more options to heal even in the middle of a fight even if at a higher cost that others may be apreaciated. Also the fact that bramble vests and his traps damange allies around combined with their high cost (because farming living logs as wormwood is not the easiest task due to how limited his healing is) is the reason why they are rarely used, a little buff to those would go a long way. It's not overbuffing either, his main power got a lot weaker with this new update, he surely needs some love.


Berry Bushes and Ice

Even after all those changer berry bushes are still the most effective food source at all stages of the game. Setting up a 40/60 berry bush farm takes almost no skill at all and gives the player ample ammounts of free filler food and meat (goblers are a common accurance, each gives you 2 pieces of meat that translates to 2 meatballs). Now that the desese is gone there's nothing keeping the berry bush farms in check, they may very well become the best food source in the game and overshadow farms in the long run. A small nerf to their power may be in order, or lese they risk overshadowing even the lunar shrubs due to cost/efficency (lunar shrubs take a very long time to get, they have to be picked only when they are ready, need to be cracked open and don't give you any free meat, there are also way less of them in any world). Ice also poses a similar problem in a smaller scale, altough it's not as complete as a food source like berry bushes are it's arguably easier to collect, never spoils and makes for the best filler in the game to make meatballs at dirt cheap price.



Once the most broken carachter in the game she has finally been dothroned, which is a good thing, it's nice to have other carachters like Warly be good for once. Altough i think the sanity penalty on her Applied Orticolture, Abriged is too high for how weak the effect is now, a small buff to the sanity cost would be healthy.


Lord of the Fruit Flies

Even after the changes i think this mini boss is kinda lacking, only one leafy meat is too little of a reward imo, maybe giving him another special drop that can help you with farms may add depth to the whole farming aspect.


Fire Nettles

Yes i know the use of this plant is still wip, but i tought of a cool use for it. Warly's Spicy Dragonfruit Salad uses both a pepper and a dragonfruit, Both are high quality vegetables that are kinda hard to get a hold of, it would be nice if instead of peppers it used the Fire Nettle Fronds, it would make the recipe a lot more affordable (the Asparagaspacho uses only 2 asparagus and ice and does the same effect in summer).



Those are ofcourse my opinions, they are heavly influenced by my playstile and my perseption. Feel free to discuss about them if something i said is troubling you for some reason. Maybe i'll add some other ideas in the comments if i get some under the shower.

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Nutrients & Moisture:

I absolutely, 100% agree that fertilizers are utter crap. And not just in the literal sense. Even in the best case scenario where we get oversized crops (and thus roughly 3 times more veggies out of them), they are incredibly inefficient for the time and resources one needs to put into obtaining them. And much as I love that this encourages crop diversity, it does render self-fertilizing farms practically unsustainable.

However, I am perfectly fine with the nutrient and moisture mechanics otherwise. This update is clearly trying to push farming into being a more central part of the player's diet and the freedom it gives the player in regards to which aspects of it they want to engage with is what makes it so good. You can put 0 effort and get an inconsistent food source, put it some effort and get a consistent but relatively unimpressive food source or you can take care of every aspect and get yourself a fricking food factory.



100% yes. Forget-me-lots have a virtual monopoly among weeds and I really wish they wouldn't. I get why Fire Nettles and Spiny Bindweed are so rare, but Tillweed is a nuisance at worst and it kinda needs bigger numbers to be remotely useful.

Truth be told, I think weeds should be more aggressive. You have to go out of the way to get them in any significant amount. Autumn and Spring have a 5% and 15% chance respectively of spawning a single weed on you, which then takes several days to become capable of spreading and even then it takes a dozen days for another to spawn from that one weed. Generic seeds have a 20% chance of spawning one, but you'll only use those in the early game. After that, you basically have to use the Fruit Flies to get any significant amount of weeds.



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