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Food menu depending on the planetoid

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Living in one big asteroid consumables can be selected altogether or per dupe in order to make everyone happy and food production going. But when dupes start jumping from one planetoid to the other they get confused about what they should eat...

It gets confusing managing consumables of each and every dupe after having 3 separate colonies (and another microcolony in a rocket). I think if there was a default choice per planetoid/rocket to choose the allowed consumables like how the new dupe default choices work, it would be much more manageable.

So, when Mi-Ma, for example, has to go find some reed fiber to the closest planet she would be allowed to eat what each planetoid/rocket has to offer. She will eat whatever food there is inside the rocket (barbeque, grubfruit preserve, nutrient bar..), when she arrives she will not touch her rocket food reserves until she has to return home (or.. until she finds herself inside the rocket at lunch time... stuff happens!) and will eat lice loaf when she lives in the planetoid but she should also eat any meat lying around because there is noone to prepare it, like in her home planetoid. Then when she returns (if she returns... ) home, she will eat all the high quality food she wants.

I am aware that dupes prefer the best option of food they are allowed to eat but when you are juggling 3 colonies of multiple dupes that go from one planetoid to the other and trying to not let anyone starve to death, a little tweak at the consumables menu would solve all that. By "little" I don't mean the coding needed to make it happen.. I don't know how difficult (or even possible?) it would be, but consumables per planetoid would make each colony require less micromanagement in that part.






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