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The first watch at Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out

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Well, I think that I also need to bring my impressions of the first few hours in
I managed to live only 15 cycles, and in the first minutes I was confused by one thing, because of which the game itself depended, especially for beginners. Basically I have noticed so far what was created when generating my asteroid. And I want to say thank you in advance for giving the opportunity to test the DLC

1) The first minus, moreover the most important for me, was that there was very little pure water during the generation. Clean water, as for me, is one of the main sources for the development of the colony. At the moment, due to the lack of clean water, I can contain four duplicates. I just don't have enough food for the fifth. Therefore, I had to study the water filter as soon as possible so that I could get clean water. In my opinion, it will be a little difficult for new players to get started, especially for first-time players. I decided to create a new world to make sure that this was so, but there was still little water :(

2) The second minus, very long loading in the research tab. I probably waited a minute or two for it to open. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I have a slightly weak computer. But when playing without DLC, it opened much faster.

3) The third minus, which did not suit me, is some kind of space between the stress icon and the germs icon in the upper left corner. I'm really following this, but I can't see the germs icon because of the tabs.

4) I was very worried that I could find very little ore, if you look at the picture, I was surrounded by 5 or 6 snow biomes, but very little metal and the main ones from which, for example, platforms are made. At least 15 cycles have found so many

5) My duplicates in the first cycle got sick immediately due to dirty oxygen. I could have put the washbasins, but again there was very little clean water. I decided to use water for food in order to at least survive.


1) I was very pleased with the music in the main menu. Like starting a new adventure. Really like :)

2) I liked the oxygen indicator very much. Now I don't have to constantly press the F3 button to find out how much oxygen is left for the duplicates. Very handy thing

3) Animals that generate electricity inspired me to develop animal husbandry as quickly as possible.

4) The generation of the asteroid itself is quite balanced (with animals, oxygen, biomes), but again there were problems with water.

Here I will show you how my asteroid was generated and my total for 15 cycles



I hope I helped you and thank you for your attention


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New problems require new solutions.  It takes a bit of looking, but:



There's so much Water available in the new start biome; the average Mud tile is 1000kg, yielding over 300 kg Water when fully processed.


That said, you're not the only person who's missed this.

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And I'll throw off one more oddity in this topic.

Please do not pay attention to the Russifier, I'm just from Russia.

As I understand it, I have already gone into space, perhaps this is a bug, or maybe such a generation, or it will be so, but I have a void, that is, I have no falling meteorites, no regolith, granite and magma stone.



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