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  1. Wurt's left hand disappears when fishing in the lake.
  2. Sometimes there is such a bug that you can’t see what kind of object is in your hand (in the picture I have a board in my hand). This happens when the inventory is full and you have to drag the item under the mouse cursor. The object may disappear, or it may still remain visible. This creates some discomfort when you look and cannot understand what is in your hand.
  3. After collecting a few things and putting them in a backpack, after entering the server, things become invisible, but crafting is still available. But if you take off the backpack and put it back on, things appear.
  4. 1) After the night (with a lunar storm) , the effect of the full moon continues, that is, the gelstalts continue to appear. And after defeating the lunar champion, the effect can also remain. 2) When re-entering the game, the moon icon will constantly change, either to glass, or to normal, or to the eye. After defeating the lunar champion, it changes to either glass or normal 3) This is not accurate, but one player on my server said that with low sanity, nightmares did not appear. 4) Some monsters, such as spiders, can go beyond the continents and walk on the sea.
  5. I am using already existing tiles. And yes I need to change the prefab settings. For example: change the rotation angle of the object with one command [" data.savedrotation.rotation "] =" 180. If "data.saved rotation.rotation" is the path to rotation, then what is the path to change the radius?
  6. Hello I am wondering: How did you change the radius of an object (or dimensions in width and height) in the Tiled Map Editor?
  7. The solution was found: the provider had problems. I had to connect via VPN.
  8. The solution was found: the provider had problems. I had to connect via VPN.
  9. Servers appear and disappear. So it's been a few days now. What is the problem?
  10. Good day, I'm making a mod for the Forge event. I would like to add a selection of arenas. Tell me how using AddMap. Download maps. And if it is not difficult to tell how to insert a picture-icon of the arena for everyone.
  11. Hello. I came across your mod and I really liked it))) I'm just learning to program in the lua language, so I wanted to ask you. Where is the script that is activated when the ancient key is inserted into the slot near the gate? After him, there is an animation as players jump into the portal. And where is the script that connects pictures of objects? On my own I want to add thank you very much for this mod))))
  12. I am making a map in the Tiled Map Editor for a Forge event. I need a lava tile or some kind of null tile. Can't find it in the game files.