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  1. Nightmare Fuel has become easy prey in the world of Constanta, it only requires killing nightmares, mad rabbits or monkeys during the nightmare cycle, or in some other way. When it comes to shadow nightmares (not counting shadow chess), Crawling Horror has become an easy target for horror fuel farming. I suggest updating the horrors or adding new ones. For example, the horror that infiltrates an object lures the character into some kind of trap or horror, like Wavey Jones, who will be naughty at the base or next to the character.
  2. Imagine: you and your friends (or other players) mending a broken ancient gate using moon magic. After defeating the animated skeleton, you activate the ancient gates, you need to damage the Forge and the Gorge, after you pass them you find yourself in the throne room, or you can call it the native world of the shadows, where you have to return all the powers of darkness with the help of moon magic. to their home dimension and the final boss Charlie will also be there. What about the ending, I don't know, maybe the shadows will win and they can get out to other worlds, or our survivors can escape, but they definitely won't be able to return to their time.
  3. There was a mod for additional slots for a backpack and an amulet, but I checked it even with the mods turned off. The error disappeared when I re-entered the game with the mods turned off.
  4. If you have an inventory of various items and you want to pick up seeds, and you are wearing a backpack for seeds, then the character will still say that he has no free space. Also, the seed bag does not auto-allocate seeds.
  5. Если вы соберете из железа дубликат корпуса ракеты, а затем уничтожите тот же корпус, вы вернете не только железо, вложенное в корпус, но также бесплатную сталь и алмазы. Это связано с тем, что внутренняя часть ракеты, где живут ее дубликаты, сделана из стали и алмазов.
  6. Yes, sorry, my game is buggy. It's just that 10 cycles have already passed since the needle berries were grown, but there was still no recipe. Then I re-entered the game, the recipe turned up.
  7. Return the Gristle Berry from the DLC to the Electric Grill List
  8. Hello developers, I came across such a bug: when I go to any server and if for some reason I did not connect, the music in the main menu disappears. Music returns after restarting the game or reloading through the mods tab.