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Feedback on my First Phase of Spaced Out

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Thank you for the opportunity to preview the Alpha material.  I find it a new challenge and very interesting.  I would not want to learn the game on the swamp biome, but because I am comfortable with nearly all of the mechanics of the vanilla game, I find the Swamp start a new and fresh challenge.  That being said, I believe that I have only gotten through the first phase of three phases of the alpha so far:  1) establish a stable base given all the new challenges, 2) establish a complimentary base on the associated partner asteroid, 3) build a space commuting system.  Time has been short for me, so I hope to get through all three phases before the time expires.

To all the ONI players out there, my apologies if my comments or progress are not as good as yours.  I work at my own pace to my own satisfaction.  Hopefully though, my comments are worthy of consideration to some degree.  I apologize for any replication as I am not reading other comments to avoid people's influence of my opinions.

Having said all of that, here are my thoughts on phase #1 in bullet form.  

Loading / Start

  • Liked the new music, fits nicely – has a 70’s space feel to it. 
  • Dupe selection screen seemed to load fast

Display / Overlays

  • Great to have new options: metals, minerals, plants, and animals – scary to not have a wiki to learn about them; have to learn from trial and error
  • Much better polluted O2 animations (off-gassing)
  • Good color use on the materials overlay – clear and easily distinguishable between colors
  • Nice to have a tile count when selecting multiple spaces
  • I like the little picture of the item in the storage selection chart for storage containers
  • Able to scroll a bit past the neutronium side walls – makes for easier access and viewing
  • The cluster list sits too low on the overlay windows
  • Red Alert gauge next to stress meter – nice!
  • I like the resources / diagnostics update.  Not sure if the display is best.  Why can’t I click on the resource item to find it?  Essential to find those last items.


  • Joshua has exosuit training from the outset, with no penalty versus reduced penalty
  • Skilled is a game changer (instant critter grooming for no morale penalty?).  Maybe have skills listed in a separate space with greater clarification?
  • Dupe Interests and Traits don’t convey enough knowledge to me, needs to explain the impacts better.
  • For dupe printing Interests and Traits nearly always contradict – maybe should compliment, right?
  • Would like to be able to scroll out the skills screen to see all the skills at once
  • Why is hazmat digging harder than obsidian digging?  Shouldn’t it be a side skill, like atomic research?


  • Research screen – organized but overwhelming – haven’t felt the need to use the modification so far
  • Computer research tree should probably develop from power, not furniture
  • How is a skill scrubber and telescope on par with a sludge press research-wise?
  • Sludge press more fits in farming that pipes research
  • Making the deodorizer so far back in the research tree is odd and really missed on the swamp biome.  The penalty for polluted O2 cries out for early research of the deodorizer.
  • Need a closer look at the items in each research section.  Many are too deep in research and not grouped logically.
  • I would like to queue up research projects that are not of the same research tree  (perhaps stack them a la EVE style?)

Swamp Biome Mechanics

  • Plug slugs eat a lot of metal valuable to early game development – maybe not worth the investment
  • Interesting that Bog Buckets need darkness to grow – normal to most of the map, minor inconvenience?
  • Mud is an interesting challenge when digging out
  • Starting with lots of pacu (fish school) enables immediate planning for cooked fish
  • Pacus now eat all plant seeds!! – cool
  • Sludge Press animation seems odd – a jumping dupe?
  • Lot of heat for 60kg of dirt from Sludge Press
  • Sludge press is essential to getting dirt in the swamp biome, yet competing for research with deodorizer, water cooler, and mess table.
  • Germ free polluted O2 at start – cool
  • Polluted O2 is much more of a hassle – reduced athletics (-4) , +30% O2 use, and skin irritation
  • Sublimation station an interesting, and more effective, alternative to O2 diffuser
  • What?  Deodorizers now require power?  Given the need for clean O2, that’s a lot of power needed
  • Polluted O2 is a big hassle.  Makes dupes slow down an scratch their eyes, slows their athletics, increases stress
  • Nice to be able to switch between planets with a message notification.


  • Refrigerators need power to take food – yet are impacted by polluted O2?  Inconsistent.
  • Second printed Liam (renamed Will) was not updated on the schedule, making it hard to tell them apart
  • Weird message: Medbay insufficient resources – Doctor Station Medical supplies out of reach.  What happens?
  • CO2 seemed to be disappearing.  Less at cycle 44 than at cycle 20.
  • Seems like build times have gotten longer
  • Grubgrub didn’t stretch out after wrangle and transport (restart fixed it)
  • Food Poisoning in the air?

Possible Changes?

  • Would be cool to have different songs that play upon login (three to five)
  • Why integrate rocketry into all the other branches?  Why not have entry to the branch be much lower or conjoined like atmo suits are
  • If light is now an issue for growing plants, maybe make light more noticeable to player, perhaps two color tones on the screen?
  • Would be (very) cool to have a sweep function like the cancel and deconstruct function – sweep food or minerals or specific types.
  • Masks don’t get returned like atmo suits and dupes just wear them anywhere if assigned.  I can’t figure them out.
  • Athletic penalty for mask wearing is -2, yet doesn’t help with skin or eyes – not worth it.  At least give breathing and eye protection
  • Split based operations is a hard task.  Drives me nuts not watching what my dupes are doing.  The game has taught me to micro manage them because they are prone to catastrophe or death. 
  • I would love the teleporter to work all the time or like the transit tube station (five uses, then charges, for a large power draw).  Waiting six days for a recharge is quite a challenge. 


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  • Food Poisoning in the air?

That was always a thing. And you can have slimelung in water. It just doesn't do anything. And it dies out in oxygen


If light is now an issue for growing plants

It's already a thing. Mushrooms need darkness. And bristle berries need light. The light overlay is enough


The game has taught me to micro manage them because they are prone to catastrophe or death. 

There are some new alerts for trapped dupes

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