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Instead of bird giving constant 1 seed for each fruit, should different bird eat different fruit differently?

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Crow love to eat all plants, so they drop 0.75 seeds for every kind of fruits. maybe few fruit will add as exception.
Red bird love to eat summer plants, so they drop .75 seed for them, and they hate spring plants, drop 1.25 seed for them.
Snowbird hate summer plants, so they drop 1.25 seeds for them.
Puffin love to eat fish instead of plant, so they drop 1.1 for most type of plants, and 1.25 for cave plants (pls add more plant grow mostly in cave)
Canary is picky eater and drop 1.25 for autumn plants.

This just a rough number, can be tweak, but this add a way for unprofessional farmer to slowly grow their favorite fruit.

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