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Not everything needs power

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While i understand powering things like the air deoderizer i feel like we sould have an option for a "stuff" drop point for dupes other than the dropper, where they can just drop stuff without the need for it to be powered.

But make it so it woudnt be able to interact with automation machines, that way it's just a "store this here for now" solution rather than a cheasy way of moving stuff without paying the cost. This would adhere to the principle of more begining/mid game solutions, rather than just pump out an end game dumping automation machine that can do everything from start to finish.

The machine or drop point could even have a few more limits like 1 duper interacting at the same time and it takes him x% cycle time to complete dumping his charge. I could even be big in size so you effectively can only have one per "spot" somethig like 3x2 dumpster.


Long story short we need a way to drop things somewhere that doesnt require power, in my opinion.


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