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Wax Large Crops To use for decoration

Wax Use For Coating Large Crops  

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  1. 1. Should Wax have another use of creating decorative Large Fruit?

    • Yes Give wax another use case like this.
    • No im happy with the Large Fruit spoiling even for decoration.

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The new Large crops look extremely cool and I would like to use them for decoration. although since they spoil it is sadly not feasible in the base DST game without mods. 

It would be extremely useful to be able to use Wax as a means of preserving these large crops indefinitely for decoration. after Coating with wax, they should be inedible, essentially becoming Plastic Fruit. This is a good idea since the Wax item has a single use of creating wax paper. Therefor this suggestion will both allow for Large crops to be used for long term decoration and also give Wax anther interesting Use case.

Please consider. Thanks for reading.

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