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Applied Horticulture beta changes

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Regarding the beta changelog that says Wickerbottom's applied horticulture book will only be able to affect 10 crops from now on and that the recipe will be changed, I don't think this a very good way to nerf this book, instead I'd say the best way to nerf her book is to instead, make the book have fewer uses per craft (maybe just one or two uses per book), and also maybe increase the price of the book on top of that. But I personally think that going about nerfing the book by changing the range and/or how many crops it can grow is a very bad method which makes playing late game extremely terrible.

And if you're very stuck on wanting to implement this crop limit, maybe you could have the limit only apply to growing the crops such as watermelon, garlic, tomato, etc. (although if that's done, maybe you'd want to change it to like 20 crops) and keeping the book's affect on grass, sapling, and such, the same. 

After talking with others here, I found I quite liked this idea, perhaps there could be two different books, this would help newer players understand their purpose very clearly, and would allow for a nice new change. 
Maybe one of the books could be for "food plants" which includes crops which give you food like juicy berries, lichen, the ones you plant yourself (tomatoes, garlic, watermelon, etc.) and maybe even stone fruit too. This book would have a limit it of how many "food plants" it could grow, maybe around 10-20 total, it would likely be best if the book had more uses than the "resource plants" book, but I'm not sure quite how many sounds good, and would probably be dependent on what the limit of "food plants" it can grow is, for the recipe, I'm not sure on that either.
And the other book could be for "resource plants" which includes things like saplings, grass, reeds, and trees. This book would have no limit on how many "resource plants" it could grow, and would function pretty much how current applied horticulture works, except without it being able to grow "food plants", it would likely be best if it only had one or two uses per book, and I'm not sure what the recipe would be, but I'd say it should be slightly more than the current recipe in the game.

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42 minutes ago, jardaxiiiiik said:

The problem is the book can target juicy berry bushes and lichens. But I like Klei finaly found this imbalance. And the range limit is good I think.
With the balance changes update you can get 50 crops from one book. How many  crops would you like from one book?

Well I personally just don't like having a crop limit for every type of plant at all, in late game when you often use things like lureplant farms, the limit on all plants makes it a whole lot more tedious and time consuming, and that's why I mentioned having a limit on food crops like garlic, tomatoes, watermelons, etc, those types of things, and to leave saplings, grass, and stuff like that which don't make food, the same as it is now. (with the adjustment to the book pricing and uses per craft being universal no matter what you use it on of course)

And about the juicy berries and lichen, I forgot about those, but I'd group those in with the crops I mentioned like garlic, tomatoes, watermelons, etc. and suggest to make it where there is a limit on those, maybe even include stone fruit in that. (Although who even uses a book on stone fruit with how fast they grow lmao) That way it'd keep a clear theme that plants which make food, have a limit to how many food plants can grow in a single read, but things such as grass, saplings, and such, do not have this limit.

They could even make two separate books, one for food plants, which has a limit on crops it can grow, and can only grow plants which make food, and one which has no limit on the plants it can grow, but those plants would only be saplings, grass, and such. 
It'd basically be the same thing as what I already mentioned, but just make it a bit more clear to new players what does what, and would also allow for different recipes for each book, which I think would also make for a nice change.

(Edit: for your question of how many crops I'd like to see from a single book, although I already stated I'm not a fan at all for limit on grass, saplings, and such, for food plants, I think that a limit of 10-20 would be nice)

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