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Allow the option to disable diagnostic alerts for individual buildings.

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I noticed that Dasha Salt Vines in Farm Tiles constantly send crop alerts. I have them spread out around the ladder shafts at the bottom of my base, above the carbon dioxide layer, passively absorbing chlorine from an open-air rust deoxidizer. This means that they will often not be immersed in chlorine and then wilt, prompting an alert. I would like to keep crop alerts active but disable them for this specific application. 

If we could disable diagnostic alerts for individual buildings, the same way we can disable autorepair, it would be very convenient for preventing 'nuisance alarms.' 



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Ideally, I would rather not have it turn off alerts in general, but instead turn off specific alerts.

For instance, I want to know if my grill is overheating, but I don’t want to know that my grill is missing components for frost buns.

In the starting swamp, my ATEN is under a huge pile of water.  I want a way to suppress the flooded notification until I’m ready to use it.

On planet three, the game started a pair of security doors next to lava. I want a way to suppress the overheat and building broken notifications, since I can’t get to them to deconstruct them, and the notification spam is really irritating.


I think this mod did a really good job of implementing the idea:


It adds a button to clear all current notifications for a building, but doesn’t disable new notifications.

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