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  1. You could use gulp fish or boiling instead of sand. Both can be costly in power, but solar is cheap.
  2. I use a very simple solution. Attach a dupe motion sensor, pointed at the well, to the well. This even works if you already have automation since it works as a wired-OR. This has the drawback that the well will produce oil when it shouldn’t while a dupe empties the gas, but that little extra oil shouldn’t cause any problems unless your system is incredibly over-tuned.
  3. Or even better, have them equip the suit to bring it into the rocket, but remove it when they get in the rocket. Then, re-equip it just as they’re about to be sent to the surface. That way, they aren’t draining the suit while in flight.
  4. The chain is kind of yucky, and I suggest the no-sand free-water chain from the previous page instead, but if you insist on doing it with PDirt instead of PWater, there’s another way: PDirt->POx->Puft->Slime->Distiller->Algae->Oxygen
  5. What’s all the sand for? Poke shells produce more than enough if you’re making glass. If you’re trying to purify polluted water, try either boiling it or using gulp-fish. Both are a little tricky, but possible. For boiling, you need to make sure your steam turbine is disabled if the pressure in the steam room is too low or it will produce Polluted Oxygen. I generally keep it at 10kg of steam per tile and that seems to work.
  6. Actually, I'm afraid it makes the heat worse, because burning the ethanol for polluted water (and power) is really toasty. On the bright side, you can use that power to cool it. Still, Spaced Out lets you make lots of power with glass.
  7. It's not easy, but it's possible due to pips. 1) Electricity: Trivial 2) Food: Wild from pips 3) CO2: Pump to space 4) Polluted water: Pips->Wild arbor trees->Lumber->Ethonal->Polluted Water 5a) Water: Polluted water->Gulp Fish->Water 5b) Water: Polluted Water->Steam->Water 5c) Water: Lumber (See 4)->Distillery->Polluted Dirt->Crabs->Sand->Water Sieve 6a) Oxygen: Water->O2 6b) Oxygen: Lumber (See 4)->Distillery->Polluted Dirt->Subliminator->Polluted Oxygen->Liquid Oxygen->Oxygen (Not recommended)
  8. I'm still seeing this in the most recent preview build. This is a big problem for me, because we no longer get regolith falling from the sky, so I'm using Gulp Fish to filter polluted water. (after removing germs, and using gravity to separate the water) Except, this means that my water filtration will often just stop working with no warning.
  9. No rover was involved in my case. There was a dupe building by moving through a horizontal door. I'm hoping the fix for r28199 fixes it for me.
  10. I’ve run into the same problem, but I found that you can work around it by putting a dupe sensor connected to an automation wire above the well. That way the well will always be enabled when a dupe is attempting to operate it.
  11. Same. Although, I was getting the bug when my dupes were trying to construct a ventilation duct while standing on or constructing through a powered door. So it may be the vanilla mechanics of the airlock mod that is crashing it for you
  12. I think the bug might be that the salt water is intended to be heated too. The Desalinator produces a tremendous amount of heat, so I'm not surprised it heats liquids. It's not too bad thought. If you run the input and output through a heat-exchanger, you can drop the output temp to around the average of the input and 40C, which is usually cool enough for most applications.