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I've had a colony running in the new swamp biome for around 60 cycles. At the bottom of my base there is a polluted water pit and some exposed polluted mud, both of which off-gas polluted oxygen. At one point around cycle 45 I noticed that I had fairly significant C02 build up at the bottom of my base like expected, but as time went on the C02 appeared to be diminishing. This got worse as I continued to use the polluted water in the pit, exposing more tiles of water/polluted mud to be able to off-gas. It seems like something about the creation of polluted oxygen is destroying the C02 at the bottom of my base. Unlike the base game where there are no biomes with this much off-gassing, it seems like CO2 pressure was never able to reach the amount required to suppress off-gassing of pO2.

This may have always been the functionality with off-gassing, but it is particularly noticeable in the new biome due to the additional sources of spontaneous pO2 creation. I had to rethink how i was going to store my food since the C02 trap I built near the bottom of my base could never completely fill up. It certainly didn't seem game breaking, but as a somewhat experienced player this was a very noticeable departure from expectations about how the game world works.

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This has always been a mechanic: I've kept living quarters oxygenated before by simply piping in oxygen at the bottom, and deleting CO2 in doing so.

Arguably it's a bug, but it's the consequence of two gasses not being able to occupy the same tile, which means if a vent introduces a gas in the same tile where a gas is, and that gas has nowhere to be pushed to, it just gets deleted.

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