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Original mobs

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Spider Bunn

I fuse two of my favourite animals, both are so ******* adorable! I hope you like it.

Aggros on all players on sight. Builds webbed hutches. Turns into black coloured fleshlings when player is insane. Drops carrots and monster meat.





Imagine this little buddy swimming the seas of singularity. They can regenerate every part of their bodies, which makes them almost invincible; if a piece of their bodies is separated from it, and not burned, that part is going to regenerate into a smaller version of the original monster, known as Dweor'Xolotl.
If you treat them well, they could be a loyal friend until they find another of their kind, if that happens they will fuse together to create a Jormun'Xolotl. He spits his gastric acid to melt their victims and eat them.






Allow me to introduce to you this friendly lunar creature. It roams the lunar biome feeding anyone who needs some food, and attacking whoever have more food than others.

I got inspiration from the legends of rabbits that are stamped on the moon due the sacrifice they do in order to feed a certain god or deity, such as the legend of Quetzalcoatl, "the Rabbit in the Moon".
I also used the blue poison dart frog and sea slugs as references to create it.


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These little buddies emerge after regenerating from Jormun'Xololt's parts. They won't attack you unless you attack them; to tame them, a few chunks of any meat will be enough and they will be loyal to you, until 4 or more of them join as a group. If that happens, they will form a new Jormun'Xololt.

You can also use their meat to prepare 'tamales': You just have to put a chunk of its meat, chili, corn and some filler. Once you eat it, your life and temperature will increase for 30 seconds.



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A gigant ammonoid that wanders in the singularity sunken ruins, it will be agressive to anyone who get closer to them. Pretty tough, but if you manage to kill it, it will drop its own shell. You can smash it with a hammer to get some Thulecite, or you can craft it into a Thulecite's Saxophon; when this instrument is playing, you and your nerby allies will receive a little boost to your defense.

Un amonite gigante que vaga en las ruinas hundidas de la singularidad, el será agresivo con todo el que se acerque a la ruins. Realmente duro, pero si logras matarlo el te dejara su propio caparazón, puedes destrozarlo con un martillo para conseguir algo de thulecita o puedes usarlo para crear un saxofón de thulecita; cuando este instrumento es tocado, tu y tus compañeros cercanos recibiran un pequeño aumento en su defensa.


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