Death loot improvements

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While most death loot cards are universally useful, I felt that some of em could use a bit of tuning to make em more appealing.

Brut's Bat: not particularly exciting unless you play a Trauma deck with lots of Power/Adrenalin generation, not to mention plain useless if you face Brut in the Brawl with Sal/Rook.

Proposed changes: replace "if the target has Traumatized, this hits twice" with "if the target is below 65% HP or has Traumatized, this hits twice". This change would allow non-Smith characters to make full use of the card, in addition to allowing non-Trauma based Smith decks to kick ass, too. The HP % requirement could always be adjusted if 65% is deemed a bit too accessible.





Lumin Jolt: an incredibly rare and incredibly powerful card dropped by Frizz the Weaponsmith from Rook's campaign. Only issue with this card is its incompatibility with non-Rook characters.

Proposed Changes: for non-Rook characters, replace "gain 5 Overcharge" with "gain 5 Adrenalin", a la Threekwa's War Story. While Sal doesn't have inherent Adrenalin synergy, it's still +5 temporary damage at no cost that would go well with a variety of multihit cards that she has; for Smith however, oh, this would be a helluva treat.





Luminitiate Coin: dropped by Luminitiates, its base damage is appalling even at the start of a run, and absolutely irrelevant towards the end. The damage stacking effect requires you to slaughter every Luminitiate you come across while never actually playing the card for its intended purpose, to deal damage.

Proposed Changes: increase the damage from 2-3 to 6-7, reduce uses from 3 to 1, replace "Stacking: Gains 2 damage per stack" with "Stacking: Gains 2 uses per stack". This change flips the whole card, making it incredibly potent early on while maintaining excellent usability in mid and late game, too. The reduction in uses is meant to balance its strong damage, while the change to Stacking is meant to truly reward the player for holding onto this busted card with its 1 starting use while they slaughter the poor Luminitiates (Hesh be damned).





Erchin Musk: a handy Composure crushing card on paper, it falls short due to the time sensitive nature of its effect, requiring the enemy to have Composure on the turn the card is drawn and your deck to be Hostility oriented.

Proposed changes: give it Sticky and Replenish. Sticky ensures that you'll have this nice Composure removing tool on the turn the enemy actually applies Composure, while Replenish guarantees that the card will never be a brick. Combined, these changes make the card universally useful regardless of whether the enemy stacks Composure or if your deck requires Dominance.





Vapor Vial: an on demand card cost randomizer, it could use a minor uplift to make it more convenient to use.

Proposed changes: give it Replenish or reduce the cost to 0. Either option would give the player more flexibility in terms of planning their turn with the Vapor Vial in hand, making the card both more desirable and accessible regardless of the deck.

Side note: an upgraded version of the Vapor Vial that'd randomize the cost of the cards between 0 and 1 would've been a neat addition, should Promoted Chemists ever make an appearance.





Bolstered Plating: saved this one for last because the effect is kinda good already, provided you have inherent card draw.

Proposed Changes: give it Replenish. The reasoning for this change is that when Bolstered Plating is played with a standard 5 cards hand, it only nets 4 Defense, which is below even Boosted versions of the starting Defense cards. While it's true that Replenish is more than just +1 Defense with its extra card draw, I feel that, for a boss loot card, Bolstered Plating just lacks that something something that'd make it universally desirable, akin to Hanbi's Power Source or Eonwe's dodge thingy. Adding Replenish makes it a no brainer pick in any situation which, for a boss loot card, seems perfectly reasonable.






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