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Worlds deleting themselves upon launching another one

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Title, each time I leave a world to launch another one, the world gets its cluster files deleted. This only started happening after the recent update. Incredibly annoying as I have to back up the world externally, and move the files back when I want to play the world. Does anyone have a fix?

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4 hours ago, zarklord_klei said:

could you DM me any of your broken worlds? and maybe a list of what mods your using?
I'm trying to track down the issue, and any of these broken worlds would be very helpful in locating the root cause of the issue.

I usually use the mods Boss Announcement, Global Positions, Increased Stack Size, Show me (Origin), Simple Economy, Simple Health Bar, Automatic Health Adjust, Bee Nice, Display Attack Range, Extra Equip Slots, Fast Travel, Infinite tent uses, No More Respawn Penalty, No Thermal Stone Durability.

For client mods, I use Finder, Geometric Placement, Gesture wheel, Boss Indicators, Combined Status, Crafting Visibility, Craft Pot, HD Item Icons, No Winter and Summer Sound Filter, Remove Insanity Vision, Show Range, Stat Change Display, and Too Many Items Plus

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