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Doubt about drops being streamer

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Hi everyone, I'm relatively new as streamer and I wanted to ask you if anyone knows how to enable the drops for my viewers. I read in multiple posts, blogs and more that you only need to link your Twitch account to Klei rewards which I already did time ago but even so I don't see the DST drops option on my Twitch dashboard. I really appreciate your answers.


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@leorax Go to the connections tab in your twitch settings here and see if "Klei Entertainment" is listed in the "Other Conenctions" section of that tab.

Then go into your Creator Dashboard via clicking your profile pic in the top-right corner and make sure that drops are enabled for your channel in the drops tab of the creator dashboard.


When you start stream, it should say "Drops enabled" underneath your stream title. Keep in mind that this drops message is not visible for mobile users of twitch, which is why you see some streamers have a command called "!drops" so that mobile users can enter the command and see if drops are indeed enabled.

Otherwise, if its not working for you, you may have to reconnect your twitch account to your klei account, which can be done here for ease.

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