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I saw an interesting topic about improving Wilson and I wondered why not Wolfgang? And here you are, looking at this topic (:v) But seriously, Wilson does not need to improve but Wolfgang does and we will all agree, if they improved Wigfrid in DST (very unnecessary) Why not Wolfgang?

Let's talk about Wolfgang. Why isn't he loved by many people? Well I think it is because of the fact that he eats the bosses with potatoes and ketchup, that to begin with, the second is that it is ridiculous that he has a phobia of the dark, the hunger thing is really annoying but it is not the only one with that problem, cough * cough * Wes cough * cough * What do we change?

Well, do not be afraid of the night and monsters, that your strong form instead of doing 2x damage does 1.8x also that your hunger goes down 2 times faster only and not 3, that it does not have a weak form. That is to say

Weak form: Does not have

Normal form: Do between 1x to 1.7x and the hunger drops 1.5 times faster

Strong Form: That does 1.8 damage, the hunger goes down 2 times faster and has an 80% damage reduction BUT his armor will fall, the helmet will not, but his helmet will lose durability as always and once it breaks , Wolfgang will receive 50% of the damage (without armor) Example: Thulecita's crown, you receive a 95% reduction and sometimes a 100% but in a strong way only your chest hole will be emptied, it does not matter if you were wearing a backpack, armor, it does not matter, it will fall off and if the Deerclops for example breaks your helmet and if your helmet breaks in your strong form then you will receive damage but as if you were wearing a grass armor, but your reduction will not be combined with your strong shape + helmet, not that.

If you don't like me 50% good, you can change it, it's your game so I only give you ideas but please improve Wolfgang like you did with Wigfrid, so that he doesn't get left behind.

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