Ruins and stations

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I really don't know how much it costs but please, put the station clock like the mods but on PS4 and add that the pseudoscience station can be created, it is too annoying to go down to the ruins to create a couple of objects, please add that.


By the way I forgot to say that there are mods that show the numbers of life, hunger, humidity, sanity and temperature, please put that on the console, it does not cost you anything to put a pc mod that are only numbers and take it to the consoles Like PS4, they should also put the life of each creature so that we can think about what things to use and whether to run or if we have a chance to defeat them, I am not a programmer, but surely it is very easy to put these things.


I should put it as an update some of these things like the clock or the stats, because I do not have the DLCs I recently bought RoG but besides that I do not have Shipwrecked for example or Hamlet because I do not know if I will pay for more DLCs that I do not even know if I will achieve play, for many everyday reasons. 

I put it by accident in general discussion because I did not know that this area of suggestions was, but it is basically what I put, it does not matter if there is a helmet in SW that allows using the ancestral tab, because I have to pay for SW to get that helmet and it's stupid, I'm not going to pay a DLC for that -___-

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