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As you can see on the screenshot, the combat preview only shows me dealing 2 damage with Knuckle Down, despite the card actually dealing 2x5=10 damage thanks to the 5 Trauma stacks on the target. Woulda been nice if the preview showed the actual damage being done, same way it does for Wound.

Grafts also have a similar issue: if you have Muscle Bank and over 3 cards, the preview doesn't show the amount of damage you'll take at the end your turn despite doing so for the Dangerous Bulb; if you have the Brawl graft Torrid Clone, the preview doesn't show the card being played twice.

Another specific case is when you have Jeol's drone out and it kills you by exploding. If you have 5 HP or are reduced to 5 HP on the same turn the drone is killed, the combat preview won't show you taking damage from the explosion and dying. This affects Jeol and his drones, too.

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