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How to create items inside containers and keep them synced?

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I'm trying to mess with a new container in a crockpot-like prefab, and one of the important steps is generating the recipe outcome, which I have to do from the inside of the code (I need the flexibility of outputting multiple products at once)

I tried using the lootdropper component but it didn't seem to drop the product in the right place.

I have tried to use the GiveItem method but it crashed last time (I don't know if it's related to not having a src_pos argument or if I just set it wrong, but it executed and then crashed on the container definition file, so I know I sent something wrong)

I then tried to replicate the relevant code, and trimmed it until it ran. It works fine in the master, but the container doesn't sync anymore in the client because I had to delete all PushEvent calls (they also crashed from nil indexing, just as the above remark, possibly because I failed to initialize the prefab I'm spawing correctly)

Finally, coming back to debug it, I discover that it doesn't sync and now I'm in need of a different approach. So, how do I create items inside containers and then keep them synced? Do I need to initialize the item correctly? Do I need a different function? Or I should just use GiveItem and maybe I did something else wrong?

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Okay, I took a look at the code, traced the calls and it seems that the problem is the lack of a player to give a PushEvent command to.

How can I refer to a player in the prefab context? Should I just pass the player when the action starts?

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The missing call and the crash problem is that the sync happens via a pair of Push/ListenForEvent with the event "itemget".

Event methods are bound to a player entity (the container code does self.inst.components.inventoryitem.owner just to call this)

If I want code to generate an item by myself, there is no player to access and therefore there is no valid entity on which to call PushEvent.

How do I fix this?

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EDIT: I read the wrong line and call; and the right call is

self.inst:PushEvent("itemget", { slot = in_slot, item = item, src_pos = src_pos })

as called by the container method (so self is the container itself)

I call this not from the container component, because god no I don't ever want to hard code a copy of a container this way, but from the "stewer" component.

So inst down here means the object itself.

inst:PushEvent crashes because the method is nil. But inst.components.container:PushEvent and inst.components.container.inst:PushEvent crash in the game's container files (container_replica and container_classified which are not in the same folder) with the following error message:

calling 'set' on bad self (table expected, got string)

Also, for completeness, inst.components.container:GiveItem crashes on container.lua due to the code attempting to index my passed item for its components (which do not exist)

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