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Allow the Thulecite Club to be Repairable with Thulecite/Thulecite Fragments.

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A problem I have with using the club is needing to constantly make return trips to the ruins. While 200 uses can be a lot, it really drains fast in the context of a DST environment, where many enemies can endure a significant amount of damage. At the same time, needing to craft the club over and over gets exceedingly annoying, especially since even with a construction amulet you will still need 2 living logs, which can give you near similar DPS with 2 dark swords.

A simple way to change this, in my view, is to make the club repairable with thulecite or thulecite fragments. 1 thulecite could heal 40% (or 80 uses), while fragments could heal 7% (14 uses). I feel like this would be neat for a good amount of reasons:

  • In the lategame, you often have a stockpile of thule with nothing to spend it on. Having a way to repair a club would not only be a drain, but also be a constant one, given the fact you are very likely going to be always using the club if you have one.
  • It would encourage portability. Carrying a stack of thule would be the equivalent of 1600 additional uses. This is very similar to how one stack of living logs can make 20 dark swords, which is 2000 uses.
  • Going to the ruins would still be essential to upkeep the durability drain. Unless you constantly fish up and get lucky with the sea chests, the only reliable sources of thulecite are from giving ambrosia to the moths or regenerating the ruins. 
  • Other weapons would still be very viable. If you don't want to do the ruins constantly to upkeep the weapon, you don't have to. You can always swap out for a dark sword/hambat and lose a minor amount of DPS in exchange for easier access.
  • You could still break the club if you are not careful. Similarly to the magi, while building excess isn't a requirement, there is a very large chance you will break a few clubs even with being able to repair them with thule, which would still encourage you to craft a few excess clubs.

Overall, it would turn the thulecite club into another weapon that serves a viable niche: if you have a huge amount of thule and have other thule needs covered, you can utilize a decent weapon from it without needing to constantly head back to the station over and over again.

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