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Space stations, more lore and events

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Because some speculate DLC would be out soon, Idk if devs would have enough time to implement this, but, hey, no pressure.

Ok first, event will not be like the meteor showers we have now, their just annoying. There could still be meteor showers, but the frequency must be WAYYYYY lesser, make it at least possible to set up a base on the surface, without mountains of regoliths covering everything. There could be solar flares(radiation wave over the surface), satelite impact(bunca stuff), space critters invasion, and many more. 

For the space stations, they are in orbit around earth(the forcefield is around earth, not around the entire orbit(i expect them to have at least one space station, THEY HAVE A FRICKING HUMAN PRINTER)), and a moonbase. They will prob have a archive of what happened, the astronauts there can see it from there, tho the astronauts are probably ded by the time we get there. Also, there could be rare materials (deconstruct buildings, digging on the moon) that could be used to set up shields against solar flare, pew down meteor, high frequency sound transmiter to shoo those space critters.

Ps. would be wonderfull if we could build our own spacestation.

Whats your thoughts about this?

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I`m only afraid space stations could make dupes fall off of them into the void. If they could somehow handle zero gravity it would work though.

As for meteor storms they should probably have different intensity on different asteroids. The base one should have them but less than in the current game. There ould be an asteroid field are with more frequent meteor storms but more rare resources and safer locations with less.

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Also i had this idea, which is there can be events that causes other events, such as a satelite which  you can send dupes to harvest but the harvesting causes the satelite to fall out of a stable orbit therby falling to the asteroid.

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