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Switching Special Events Help

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I have a world set to winters feast (I didn't know about mods) in world gen and I've been trying to use the event changer mod, and the too many items mod, and even console commands but when they restart the world, the event didn't change. What should I do?

The commands were :


TheWorld.topology.overrides.specialevent = SPECIAL_EVENTS.HALLOWED_NIGHTS

Also this is my first time posting pls don't yell at me.

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I think you can change the event by changing the world save file.

Go to Documents -> Klei -> DoNotStarveTogether -> <random_numbers> -> Cluster_x -> Master -> leveldataoverride.txt

Cluster_x, where x stands for the number of the world you want to edit, so your first world would be called Cluster_1.
In leveldataoverride.txt find the line "specialevent" and type in "hallowed_nights".

EDIT: also, do the same for the caves leveldataoverride, it should be in CLuster_x folder along with Master folder.

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