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  1. Also the delete button is dangerously easy to misclick when trying to go to your cluster folder. Yes there is a confirmation/warning popup, yes I still managed to panic and misclick again and delete a world. Yes I'm a doofus. But I now I backup and hope the delete button is moved into the world settings screen rather than when you want to choose a world to play .
  2. Existing tools, like glass cutter, are fine, because they do a specific job in a specific case. This is only a problem because there are 2 whole non-decor (not to say decor isn't important, but it isn't gameplay changing) items to craft. Pseudoscience station adds about 10 new viable tools/armor/utility items, but if all we got were the lazy explorer and magiluminescence, there would be disappointment too. We need more gameplay affecting things to do with moonglass, doesn't even have to be combat based. Same with the moonstorm, we really should be able to use the gleams and charged glass for something. The boss even drops it, which harkens back to the iron hulks drop of infused iron, clearly the inspiration for the charged glass. We at least need some things to make out of these new materials, otherwise the storms feel too much like a short one time thing. This is kinda a theme of ROT unfortunately, too much of the content is relocatable or a one time thing. Archives are a one time smash and grab, lunar islands main resources are relocatable and moonglass is so easy to farm that the hot springs are near useless, and the moonstorms aren't needed for anything but the boss. If the collected dust was way more viable or hot springs had more uses or the mobs on the island had much more interactivity, etc, it would feel that the content updates of ROT were much more impactful than just a one time thing per world.
  3. Content wise I can only hope for more uses (items, structures, tools, anything but food) for the ROT content, like the moonstorm, all of the ocean, and moonglass.
  4. Imagine if birds could be stuffed with steel wool or something so they last forever in a cage! (Just as decor, not alive and egg producing obviously) We could wax giant crops to turn them from function into decor, why not with birds? Would also help bring back the morbidity that everybody on the forums seems to want.
  5. I don't think the characterization of this new boss as not 'way better animated' than the giants or as a 'ball' is accurate. For one, you may have missed the 2nd and 3rd phases aren't just spheres. And if you want, we can make a thread on silly ways of describing all the bosses of dst, starting with your example of klaus as 'angry santa' and fw as 'sentient skeleton', or the ancient guardian as 'rhino but round'. Also I think we'd all be more open to taking your views more seriously if you wouldn't word your response as angrily, shouting insults and saying that your opinion is 'too true to just be your personal opinion'. And repeating over and over again that you don't like the boss isn't constructive criticism.
  6. gonna have to strongly disagree here on every level, but if you want to see consensus a poll would suffice no? I personally love this boss, for its attacks and its design and each phase's looks.