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DST Forge and Gorge Mechanics in Custom Worlds

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I've noticed when playing with the console spawn commands that the Quagmire objects either don't work correctly when spawned, are invisible, don't have an inspect text, or any combination of the above. But I would love to be able to have the Gorge cooking mechanics or the Forge combat mechanics in a custom world, mingling seamlessly with the normal Don't Starve Together survival elements.

I know that those events generally require special objects to manage their scripting, and I read somewhere that the reason these objects don't function properly is because Gorge/Forge assets are only loaded in worlds specifically designated to host those events as originally intended. But if their functionality isn't going to be there, why allow them to be spawned at all?

What I am wondering is this: Would it be possible to have a setting in the world creation menu, next to the buttons that let you add the other events like Hallowed Nights, could there be a toggleable option for both the Forge and Gorge that would make the world incorporate those events' respective assets so that they can be spawned in and interact with each other the same way they would in the actual event? I'm not asking for the ability to host the events themselves; just to be able to spawn the assorted items and objects from them and have them work the way they would without bugs. I don't know if this is a difficult thing to program, or if it's a simple and easy addition, but if it were not to difficult, I, as someone who enjoys making custom maps, would enjoy the option to use those assets.

Let me be more specific: I don't want to use the Gnaw or any of the NPCs or other complex scripted elements from those events; just the items and scenery. For instance, I like the Quagmire lamp posts and would like to be able to use those to create fancy villages or other setpieces for custom worlds. Also I'd like to be able to cook Gorge dishes and use Forge weapons to fight mundane mobs. I don't know if these mechanics are inextricably ingrained into the event code itself, but if they're not I'd love to be able to use those assets in an otherwise regular world.

I get the distinct feeling that if Klei wanted people to be able to host the full Forge and/or Gorge events, they'd have included that functionality already. However, they haven't opposed the creation of mods that recreate those events, so they can't be TOO strongly against the idea. The reason I'd like the ability to include those items is because they would allow me and any other map makers or map-generation mod makers to incorporate the wide variety of additional content from those events for whatever purpose we think would be fun, WITHOUT REQUIRING CLIENTS TO DOWNLOAD A MOD. That's really the crux of the issue for me; I'd like to use these things in vanilla so that people don't have to download mods to join a server with custom worldgen/hand-made levels.


One final note; if there is already a way to include Gorge/Forge assets (besides terrain tiles, which already work fine) in an otherwise vanilla DST survival world, using console commands or whatever, WITHOUT MODS, please tell me in a reply comment. Thanks!

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