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Sorry if the title doesn't make much sense, but recently I've been looking to buy Oxygen Not Included on Epic Games (because I have a coupon there that I don't have on steam and I was going to use it to get ONI); and I wanted to know if there was any way I am able to link it to my Klei Account despite it already being linked to my steam account? Furthermore, if I could link the account, would I be able to get that loyal skin for glomglom despite my copy of DST being on steam? Thank you for your time, as well as for any help in this issue.

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  • Developer

If you search our support docs you'll find instructions for how to link your epic and steam accounts into a single Klei account.

Right now we only have Epic->Steam cross-ownership for Griftlands but I hope to work with Epic to fix ONI's setup in their store and permit cross-ownership of that game too. Once we have ownership info for ONI from Epic Games Store you'll be able to do cross-ownership and also get the skin for DST.

Sorry it's not ready quite yet, it's on our todo list but I can't tell you when it'll get done, especially as we'll need the cooperation of third parties.

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